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Biography Q&A

Formed in 2013 by Frontman Ellis Crewe-Candy, Redhead set out to deliver great, original rock’n’roll music for everyone.
This desire fed into the heart of the Redhead live experience, which brought performance and well-crafted songs to engaged audiences.
The aim remains, and years of gigging and occasional line-up changes have helped craft and hone the Redhead sound into what it is today

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Zodiac sign: Leo
First gig: Roy Wood 1997
First single/album: First Album Made in Heaven Queen 1995 first single Breathless by the Corrs
Favourite band: Queen
Best thing about being in Redhead: Everything
Favourite Redhead song: Weekend Woman (at the moment)
Why (your instrument): Because I always wanted to front a band and less gear to carry
Favourite food: Lasagne
Favourite drink: Malbec
Favourite destination: Montreux Switzerland
Favourite article of clothing: My stage jacket
Tell us something unusual about yourself: My face made it into two Oscar winning films
Favourite film: Highlander

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Place of birth: Nottingham

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

First gig: Iron Maiden, Bospop Festival, Netherlands

First single/album: Blink 182 - The Rock Show

Fave band: The Cruel Intentions

Best thing about being in Redhead: Rehearsing in cold village halls. Nope! Playing Festivals! Fave Redhead song: Aces on the Table

Why (your instrument): Because Redhead needed a bassist

Fave food: Pepperoni Pizza

Fave drink: Pale Ale

Fave destination: Amsterdam

Fave article of clothing: Jeans

Tell us something unusual about yourself: Also a Silver Award Duke of Edinburgh Leader. Favourite film: Drive Angry

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Zodiac sign: Leo

First Gig: Twisted Sister, Oxford Apollo 1984

First Single: Thunder in the Mountains - Toyah

First Album: ABBAs Greatest Hits Volume 2

Favourite Band: Depends but The Damned and Subhumans are deffo in there

Best thing about being in Redhead: Fun

Favourite Redhead Song: Ghost Train (to play), Hold on Me (to listen to), Devil on your Shoulder (to watch on video)

Why (your instrument): I wanted to be in a band at school and drummers were hard to come by

Favourite food: A good fry up, a decent roast, Steak & Chips, Pizza, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Greek, Italian...Too many to list!

Favourite drink: Non alcoholic- Black Coffee - Alcoholic - A pint

Favourite destination: Too many, enjoy the Mediterranean and also Kerala

Favourite article of clothing: anything that keeps me warm and dry

Tell us something unusual about yourself: I used to be the foremost Western Equestrian Photographer in the UK!

Favourite film: Anything that holds my interest enough to stay awake!

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Zodiac sign: Leo
First Gig: Stereophonics, Reading Rivermead, April 1999
First Single: Parklife, Blur
First Album: Meatloaf, Bat out of hell 2
Favourite Band: Metallica
Best thing about being in Redhead: Playing loud rock and roll!
Favourite Redhead Song: Aces
Why (your instrument): Wasn't allowed a drum kit aged 14 so asked for a guitar
Favourite food: Pasta
Favourite drink: Guinness
Favourite destination: Lake District
Favourite article of clothing: Grey Harlequins hoodie
Tell us something unusual about yourself: I had hypnotherapy to help get over a fear of dogs
Favourite film: Back to the Future

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Zodiac sign: Gemini

First Gig: Blink 182
First Single: She's got to have curves
First Album: First album I remember having was acdc back in black on cassette.. b side was Alannah myles 
Favourite Band: GnR

Best thing about being in Redhead: The free beer mats when you join!
Favourite Redhead Song: Weekend Woman Aces

Why (your instrument): My Dad taught me how to play Stairway to Heaven wrong...
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite drink: Whisky

Favourite Destination: Thailand
Favourite article of clothing: Motorbike Jacket
Tell us something unusual about yourself: I featured in skip weekly as skip hunk of the month
Favourite film: Deadpool

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